About US

Massimo Furniture is a family company was founded in 1975 in Ankara. The journey started in the form of a small workshop and continues as 3 generations. In this process, our company which has increased its production capacity to 4.000 m2 in time has come into prominence in the classic & avant-garde and home furniture sector. It has plenty of products and continues its AR&GE studies. All of our products are produced in-house and hand-made. Raw wood and natural materials consisting of furniture, floor polish, and treatment-experienced craftsman made by craftsmen in European standards and are exported to Turkey and the world's different regions. Massimo Furniture offers different options to its customers with its pretentious products designed by its designers in its collection every year as well as providing personalized decoration services such as kitchen, office, door, dressing cabinets, bathroom cabinets, hotel, and projects. As a result, we are doing very serious work.